Later, Oct 20 2017

Will it hurt less
if I bury it deep under
Or will it loose flesh
when I don’t butter it
I fear someday
it will fossilize
What will it be
I am Clueless, as I plea
Will you ever dig down
and unravel my Box
I wonder if you will find
the key by your pillow
I smile quenching on tears
A taste of our vast ocean
Will you ever catch me
Sailing in the flood
While standing dry
on the distant shore




A knock on the door, a continuous tapping
With the dionysian tune playing
I fight hard, restrain and refrain
With my back pressed hard on the door
My fingers in my hair, scratching
The tune creeps in through the crevasses
The lore swirls me in it’s tower
Helplessly yet cautiously I divulge
It enters with the blazing sun
That burn down my guard
Those stern lie melting20170921_164423

October 8, 2017

Merriest of human;

when, insecurity comes boiling in the gut,

harvesting the froth, smiles leman.

Stirring and mixing carmine clot,


drinks from its chalice

growls in sanguine lips

alone in a hollow palace,

takes gluttonous sips.


On the verge of gestation,

indigestible lava, yields to bellow

and bathes Another on its fester-infestation,

relieved, gently lies to wallow.



The abysmal affair.
Rituals so arcane and rare,
practised to condescend.
Where did the affection abscond?
Eking the soul out
from my perennial bodily sprout.
Who is condemned
is a sinner, gemmed –
the door so macabre,
never stays sober.
Bang, bang and slam
Thump, pound and bam.
A heart of coal
that I carry to stroll.20170929_210214

Lost …

20170918_165438Perched on top of the city

I found the lost beauty

Then I started to ponder

And the thought kept me in wonder

What we assumed lost

Stayed covered under the rust

Scanning further and deeper

My soul must be a leaper

Flock of bird swirling

Up to the clouds, twirling

Ah! The grandeur

My puny head soared with amour

The mountain quietly slept

While the clouds silently wept

Her face lit up

Facing towards the sky top

The further I went

Closer to the vent

A rainbow in full bloom

I stretched for the loom


A tingling air rushed through my spine

My vision dropped crushed


I descended to the land

With my heart in my hand

Fitted with the adroit skill

That transcends on its will.