Human Sensibility

We, Human Beings, call ourselves the Superior Beings, the most sensitive and intelligent creature on earth.
When I read the news or hear it, it always strikes me as a punch. It hits right on my head and punches a hole in my heart. It mocks my helplessness and I mawkish.
Why? Why? Why? After being a sensible human being, why do we burn someone alive, why do we hit them or abuse them of witchery and that also by a godly figured ‘husband’, mother-in-law, good Samaritans…… can a human burn another human or torture to death? Is it that we gain pleasure doing it or to prove our fake superiority. Indeed sadist not sensible.
Will it ever stop?
A husband burns his wife alive, an expecting mother, what should we conclude? If we find out the factors causing tumor, we try our best to avoid them, if we already have tumor, we take medicine to get rid of them and if it happens to be stubborn one, we operate and get rid of it for good. However it has the chances of reoccurrence. Perhaps it’s best not to get married at all rather than jeopardizing one’s life because the medicines we get to alleviate the worsening condition rather add fuel to it. And she can’t cut or operate it, hence gets burned or tortured to death by the tumor of her life.
Good Samaritan, a dream these days. We want so much from our life and from everyone around us. We brood over it and wait for it, and when it seems far away from coming to reality, we can’t tolerate the pain, we burn with the pain to vent it somewhere, on someone. We for sure cannot vent it on those stronger and mightier than us and we obviously turn to those weaker and meeker than us. They become the conduit to earthen our hopelessness and anger. We, completely blind, with ignorance and stupidity, blame it on those who have no access to power and hence successful in proving our strength and might and success. If she really was a witch and as far as I have heard about the witchcraft, I am sure she would have either turned them into rat or frog or pig maybe.
We blame others to hide our weakness. If a family member falls sick,gets nightmares, a married couple fails to have a baby, a cow doesn’t give enough milk or mangoes are not sweet enough, we always have a poor neighbor to blame and also when our planes don’t fly…
Is education, the only solution? How aware are we and are they equally effective? Lets not talk about the laws here because laws are like those advertisements that warn and say chewing tobacco and smoking are injurious to health and everyone is chewing and smoking and lawmakers have nothing to do with it. The problem is we only whine about what has been done and what should be done not what we are doing about it. Human Sensibility sounds as a myth.




  1. I doubt if education is the solution for this. I have seen a lot of educated folks visiting the shamans for their cure rather than the doctors. I believe, sensibility comes with experience. People will only start to be sensible once they have experienced the same or if they have seen someone close to them suffer for the same insensible cause. For now, we can just hope to see people acting in a sensible way..the sooner, the better.

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  2. That’s true.What i feel is morality and practicality is not taught (LEARNED) in our schools. like we read “creative writing” ;). It’s all a habit, a practice that makes culture.


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