Full bloom with Aster

Drones in – a wasp

navigates and Bumbles

Wrings and clasps

Wallop and Gallops


Iterate and reiterate

Till it drains

Still it blooms till late

and the hornet mates



  1. Upon second reading today: … like the ‘imagery’ used, as I already told . The last line came in a bit bland manner. Yet, couldn’t help denouncing your hornet. …. that selfish exploiter of others’ groundwork…and I pity the poor wasp! Again, all the best 🙂

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  2. Firstly thank you so much for your words both, critical and inspiring. ‘Bland’ … I agree; I don’t know if I wanted to put it that way, maybe I didn’t know other way. 🙂 any suggestions ??

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  3. No need to replace it right away, though, as it hasn’t done any specific harm. Yet, we can discuss things in a broader perspective whenever time favors us. One quick suggestion: I’d prefer to read a little longer micro-poems from you… like this one and a bit longer… 🙂

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