…… Stories in the air

Every now and then it feels like being swayed; don’t know if it really is the real swaying or the (I dare say) holocaust – how it shook me off the ground, while I felt the Sublime, I was running for something to hold on to. I know some people might curse me for saying so but allow me to remind, it’s not the earthquake that takes lives, it’s our creations and structures that does. For some, by saying so, I might sound like trying to put the blame on every individuals but that’s not the case as you already know.

The place where I was trampoline-d in, still doesn’t fail to create the fear in me, behold by fear, I mean sublime. On the contrary, the devastation crushed my heart and wrung tears on which I chocked. I know we cannot let a sigh of relief unless things are put back together and we know it won’t be the same. However the lives lost can’t be brought back to life. The suffering will never cease and I fear most for the tiny souls. 

Though I didn’t suffer physically, I do everyday now. Though I didn’t see much of it, I concoct and play the dread. What, wait ……………

…….. that was 7.3 magnitude earthquake again. Again! 

I saw people running for lives, I saw fear in their eyes and saw the dread they carried. Everyday bodies found, loved ones lost, people starving, latest death toll -is what we hear on the news. But I’ve also heard a different kind of air blowing among and through people. Some villages have turned to ‘zombie land’ and some graveyard. Lives have been wiped out but the souls remain. A story: A volunteer was on the field where he saw havocked houses. He marched towards a house; the door was intact. As he entered the house through demolished wall, he tried the door knob which was locked. His eyes fell upon something, he could not comprehend at first. It was the body of a boy buried in the rubble by the door. He freed the body of debris and pulled it out. It was such a long day for him, he returned home drenched. This man says he now sees the boy who followed him home. Not only him but his other family members have seen him too. 




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