……and I am walking

……and I am walking

Lonely surrounded by people, I am walking with my arms folded across, pressed tight to my chest. The cold air hits my face and combs my hair and I am walking indifferent to the surrounding. My lips dry now start to crack, and am walking this road, money-less, penniless, and breathless. People pass by and turn their head and after a glance walk their way. And I walk miles with a laptop and its cable hanging on my shoulder in a loose bag; I walk indifferent of its hanging on my side.

Slowly I start to feel something as I walk. My feet hurt and my face almost freezing, after a moment I want to hail a cab. I wave my hand in the air and a cab stops in front of me. I let it go as I realize I don’t have money, I don’t. I have never felt this hopeless, or perhaps I have once or twice before. I want to scream but I walk with my hands pressed tighter and teeth clenched. I am determined to get something to go home. I search my pocket for money, loosening my hands. Tears well up as I find myself broke, helpless, hopeless. Determined, I swallow my tears and walk ahead. I feel a knot in my neck; I am waiting for something as I walk this journey. I know it won’t happen but I walk ahead; I don’t wait. When I lift my eyelids, I see the day has fallen. I lift higher; I see the moon beaming in its maidenhood with all its might. And I am waiting for it to be and I know it won’t be. I keep looking at the brightness; is it mocking, laughing or sympathizing? I cannot deem straight. I conclude, perhaps it’s indifferent and I walk alone in the cold with the coldness.

I feel like making a call, to talk to someone and I realize, I don’t have my cell phone. I cover my half face in my scarf but I don’t cry and walk ahead. Will it? But I know it won’t…..



  1. Awesome flow of emotions. If it is you then I wish good happy ending. I am sure you will fight the world and make things right. Sometimes’ what we experience is not what actually it is.


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