June 20, 2017

It’s been four days since our last conversation. I wait for his call and constantly check my cell phone. I convince myself that I will be fine if he never ever calls again. But I surreptitiously check my cell phone as I rub my tough skin.

Today was important day for me and I wanted to share it with him but my phone never rang; I tried adjusting my ringer but to no avail.

I know you must be thinking all it takes me is a phone call for me to make but I cannot; last sentence he said was “take care, I will call you”.

As I am taking care of myself, I shall wait. And I will be perfectly fine, if I never ever get that call ……225



  1. Everyone does, dear. Your words portray your commitment for the true one you waiting for. Girls are the strongest in love. We shape the destiny of it.
    I do really feel your words are true feelings rather than some imaginary story. I am glad my words are inspiring you πŸ˜„. Make him the first to read, I am sure he is the one who inspires you most, than any other person.
    I’d love to go through your new words. And what about the call?

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  2. Since you did not answer, I thought you did.
    I am curious reading your post. There’s a strong feeling.
    Why it is not possible?

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  3. It’s more like a dream that feels so like flesh and bone; you wiggle and stretch to touch. You feel the sensation race through your fingers and your head swells. You wake up but can you really touch it now that you woke up from the last night’s dream that puffed Inside your pillow…..


  4. See I caught you here. Your words strong and powerful.
    Is not this the power of love? Like your words reach to the love and see how the world turns out to be. Never be afraid to go for it, if that is what you are hiding behind. True love seldom ends, and true love is never tragic. Many may question this: I say so because in true love people never decide to depart. πŸ™‚ Interseting isn’t it!
    Make your dream come true girl. πŸ˜‰


  5. Is not it difficult to define true love? You can define it more appropriately I guess :).
    Umm..I say you feel you are not in your own senses. True love is not perfect love or maynot be the ideal love everyone wish. It is imperfect, but yet it lives. It never leaves you even after you are through odds.
    I think your words ‘..dream…’ that is true love. And even you know of it.
    How you define true love?


  6. I don’t define true love.
    You really have appreciated my writings and have shown genuine interest but no offense here, I don’t believe in a thing like this. It’s a mere fiction. And am totally fine with those who do.


  7. None taken. You are perfectly correct. True love can only be felt. I don’t know why you say so when your every words convey love :(. Maybe you are hurt or can be you are hiding. Forgive the pain, I wish to have a dream like yours.
    I asked someone about true love after you asked. He rightly said to me: true love has no definition, that can only be felt, dreams can be the true way to realize, while awake you will find it in every smile or maybe you realize it when you are not happy even with a smile. Maybe you can find true love not while in happiness but while you are sad.
    Complex is not it? Like you said it is not a definition.


  8. I am sorry if I made you angry. I truly feel you have a heart full of love and in your every words you speak about it. I do not know suddenly your words changed but I truly believe you are full of love and maybe you will find your true one soon, just in case you have not met yet πŸ˜‰


  9. I hope you continue writing. I am keenly waiting for the next part. What happened to the characters then.πŸ™„.
    Hope I did not dissapoint you by my previous comment. 😦


  10. A call I made for a beautiful end. Read your words and find out you are still caring yourself for him. How he can believe when you wake up with someone else every morning.
    He is waiting so he can get back his goods. And return the book. He does not believe anymore that he means happiness to you, he means life and living for you. Amen


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