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Talk of Happiness

As I sit in the couch

of roses printed all over

She sat opposite to me

in a twin couch

full of roses scattered all over


The other She sat next to me

deep in conversation,

they talked about Mogul emperors

I gawked at the chest in front of me,

intricately carved people of nation


A peasant running to nowhere

A king looking at nowhere

A knight ready to fight no battle

A woman with men somewhere

by the side is a foyer


Turks and Persians

I heard them talk

but you slowly undo things

letting them free for the excursion-s

I reach and grab on to the chest like a hawk


Lying on the right

I still hear them on Persians

but you reach the chest

slowly unfolding and rocking the might

She says, how she doesn’t like incursions


frequent reminder of death;

he is not dead but is some where far away

The other She nods in agreement

I smile and sigh away a breath

as he rubs my back, I sway


I slid back to the couch

nodding in weariness

There he waits in train of thoughts

by the fire place in a slouch

They talk of happiness.


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