Again & again ..

There you did it once again,

and I fall for it again and again.

If this is a crush on my part;

you couldn’t hide yours better.

You were few meters behind me,

I turned around swiftly, my face

under the grace of my palm.

My blood gushed through,

when you passed by me,

like a dark force in work,

My friend nudged my side,

the vitals reciprocated your presence

gasping for brea.. – breath –

I regained my senses but 

Could trace you no more 

You had vanished through the foyer.

There you did it again.

Oblivious to our presence,

blind as a bat in the crowd,

or so I believed again.

We moved away from

your immediate line of sight. 

Then, busy like bees, in our flight;

but I was caught up in my own plight.

Almost rubbing and keeping a coup,

you walked through,

but I had caught that evil smile

in the corner of your Pomelo lips.

When we finally uttered words,

you said you had poor vision-

blind as a bat.



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