Hide and Seek

The sun was high in the sky

yet the rays seemed nowhere

but the warmth wrapped me around

With the fest in the yard

I kept looking at the iron gate

then again at the full crowd

hope and disdain playing in my throat

re-fluxed up to my eye

just then you shined in like a stallion

a sigh of relief gushed in the air

when i caught a fraction of smile

dancing in the corner of Pomelo lips

Time for hide and seek again

I waded through people’s back and front

when you strolled with a camera.

click every atom that comes across

and count me out of your frame.

walk towards me but take a right

and shoot somebody close to my sight.

Tormented yet content by the door,

i take a minute to scan the crowd

Who pops and talks about chocolate?

Pomelo lips.

Go on, throw your best cards

I have seen the best of it



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