Jan 22, 2018

Every now and then

the atoms of your being

gag me.

I see your sane

in her scrawny wing,

do you buss her like me

Ah, no lies no jealousy boils

I know your tendrils spread wide




A flock of birds,

migratory birds.

I flock along

I flapped the fastest.


We flew to a place,

a warm place.

Warmed up, they left

I get lost in the warmth.


I wallowed in the river,

misty river.

Soon the summer came

a reminder of homeland.


I saw a flock of birds

migratory birds.

Tossing the summer

I ascended to homeland



20171227_153500Sunny days in the winter,

You bask under the rays

while the Earth burns,

breaking the urns


Summers bring memories,

of rain drops hitting My bosom,

yielding new romance;

the droplets dance in trance

but Am shrouded in concrete;

dust and debris of dystopia.

A gust of wind sprints

enough to reveal the imprints


This eclipse may last long

yet I shall spin on my own

lost in the essence

of ever lying Evanescence


Who sits in

front of my bed

All nights long

And so go the days

We stare at each other

I go back to my chores

But he is still there

But somewhere

In my case, he stays

And nothing he pays

Watches me transform

But doesn’t flinch

All day long,

I cook, eat and I clean

I climb on bed in the noon

He watches me sleep soon

I open my eyes

He is there and I shy

I don’t go anywhere

I’ve taken up the challenge


I shall watch y back

I spend days in my bed

I’ve spent thousands here

Watching Buddha in front