Talk of Happiness

As I sit in the couch

of roses printed all over

She sat opposite to me

in a twin couch

full of roses scattered all over


The other She sat next to me

deep in conversation,

they talked about Mogul emperors

I gawked at the chest in front of me,

intricately carved people of nation


A peasant running to nowhere

A king looking at nowhere

A knight ready to fight no battle

A woman with men somewhere

by the side is a foyer


Turks and Persians

I heard them talk

but you slowly undo things

letting them free for the excursion-s

I reach and grab on to the chest like a hawk


Lying on the right

I still hear them on Persians

but you reach the chest

slowly unfolding and rocking the might

She says, how she doesn’t like incursions


frequent reminder of death;

he is not dead but is some where far away

The other She nods in agreement

I smile and sigh away a breath

as he rubs my back, I sway


I slid back to the couch

nodding in weariness

There he waits in train of thoughts

by the fire place in a slouch

They talk of happiness.



Charms that dangle

sun stars and moon

and many more


donned around – spangle

A perfect fit, how I’ll swoon

my personal ore


invisible from your angle

but hangs already my boon

Ah! Only I can see my lore


It shall one day dangle

sooner or later like a tune

but the wait you make, is bore –

Attic (July 5, 2017)

by the river
through the mountain
in the attic
We have been

within cellular level
through entire existence
in satanic abyss
We have been

filled it in
on several occasions
with zero atoms
We have been

Giving titles is a challenging job for me; however, I would love to call it Attic as its a funny word, only one would understand ……