Cycle, Sept 18, 2017

20170918_065113Day-breaks —- night-falls
Until another
day breaks
Sped a train.                                                 in circles
Until another
Day mended
To lift the night


Good morning call. August 29, 2017


My phone rang, ‘passionate from miles away’, I answered. The person at the other end said, “good morning”. I hung up. It rang again and I declined. My eyes closed, my thoughts empty, inhaling deeply, I felt my heart swell up; a warmth in the left of my chest. I didn’t know one could feel something like that. Was it real or was it something my super brain made me feel, I don’t know. It lasted for couple of seconds and vanished, perhaps acclimatized.

A voice, I hadn’t heard in years, or at least it felt that way. To be real, it had been couple of months. Why did he call me? Perhaps, it got pressed. But, twice? I needed fresh air, I went to the porch, still holding the cellphone in my hand and that voice swirling in my ears, creating euphoric sensations. I tried to shake that feeling off, then it brought back all the crazy moments, sweeping me off my feet. I went inside, abandoning those vibes. I realized they were invincible, following me around like teeny tiny particles that you sweep out to watch them gently settle down again, and like water vapor that hits your face as you try to blow it away. I remembered, how only a few days earlier I had wanted to congratulate on hearing the news and yet I hung up. I had genuinely wanted to wish him luck and yet I didn’t utter a word. Perhaps, god has weird way of listening to me. It took me an hour of fiddling around to finally make that call.

I unlocked my cellphone, went to call logs. Damn! I dropped my cellphone. Picking it up, I quickly checked the logs again, fearing the number might have vaporized. Bingo! Still there. I pressed a symbol and the smart phone did its magic.



“How are you?”

“Am good, how are you?”

Without answering me, he said, “sorry, I dared to call you earlier”.

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t see his face as he was saying this to me which made it difficult for me to comprehend his emotions. “It’s okay. So,  ..”.

Before I could finish, he added, “but you didn’t answer my call, were you busy?”.

“Mmmm, yea, I was”, I said completely unaware of my surrounding.

“Sorry about that; what are you doing by the way?”.

“Am getting some documents printed”.

“And where are you right now?”

“Where am supposed to be. And where exactly are you?”, I asked in a funny manner trying to loosen up the tension.


“You are still there”, I remarked, surprised.

“Of course, where else would I be”, he replied, immediately deeming where I was going with that remark.

“I thought you had left already”.

“Yes, I kind of have”, in a dumbfounded manner, he continued, “how the hell do you know?”.

“Well, I just know”.

“Oh, my god! You have got spies tailing me”.

“I’ve got spies all over. Spies, who keep me informed without me having to ask them”, I said looking around me.

“Okay, I have resigned. But then there’s so much work, they are not letting me go until next month”.

“Oh, I see. But you need to prioritize and this is more important. The first time I heard that you left, I was surprised and when I knew for what purpose, I was so so happy. You know I’ve always wanted you to pursue your dream”.

“I know but there’s still so much left to do, they won’t let me move without getting this done. I haven’t been able to give time to my own thing”. He continued, “between all this, I keep listening to all those songs, and I missed you that I dared to call you”.

I smiled.

“You know, like the time, we first met, I have some new recruits coming over and I missed you”.

“Are they for the assignment?”

“Yes.” After a pause, he asked “I wanna see you, can we meet?”.134